Codger (ˈkä-jərCoder (koh-der) – an often mildly eccentric and usually venerable person that translates information into code.



JavaOne 2015
JavaOne 2015

Hi, my name is Scott Gray and I founded Codger Coder, LLC to help experienced engineers that want to stay technical in their career.  This is a place that focuses on identifying solutions to the challenges we often face.  Some of those challenges are: navigating a technical career path and avoiding the management trap, keeping pace in a field that is rapidly changing, and leveraging our skills as we move into semi-retirement.  My background is in software engineering, but if your background is in another field, then I hope you still find the conversations relative to your needs.


How to Focus Your Learning using ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar

Technology is changing at an always faster pace, leaving the average developer to ask, “What should I focus my learning on?”  There are a number of great ways to help with this, but today we’ll focus on using ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar. The Technology Radar is a collection of new technologies and concepts that companies should …


Welcome to Codger Coder. A home that focuses on the challenges of avoiding a traditional career path in management, while continuing to grow and enjoy work in a fast paced and always changing field. This site is slanted toward software engineers (because that is my background), but all are welcome. Wondering what this is all about, …


Please reach me at codgercoder@gmail.com.  I hope to add more ways to reach out and build the community soon.